Alexandra is an illustrator & designer based in Wellington, New Zealand.

A hand pointing one way, with a squiggly line that ends in a hand pointing the other way at the bottom of the page. Black on a white background, with a textured, printed quality to it.A pink mediterranean building under a clear blue sky with shadows bouncing off the edges of the buildingA neatly drawn illustration with a white background. Poker chips, a pair of dice and a lit cigarette in an ash tray.An illustration of a filing cabinet that has been flung open and has papers dramatically flying out from inside of it.
A purple building, with a front door that says 69 on it. Outside of the building are an assortment of terracotta pots that have large cactuses/cacti in them.A black and white pencil drawing of a 3 story brick apartment building and 2 front doors right next to each other, drawn straight-on from the street. Ornate brick work frames each of the large windows and doors, making it look european.A friendly looking illustration of a young woman with bright pink hair who is smiling, wearing a pink t-shirt and a brown pants. Standing next to a bicycle and holding a cellphone.Pot plant next to a framed print of a pink and green shop front.
A giant hand hovers above a table of tiny foods and reaches down to pick up a tiny croissantA black and white illustration of a cat sleeping on a bed of flowers.An illustration of a piece of paper, on a pink background. The paper says dream jobs, and a pencil obscures the list that is written on it.
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If you're looking to enhance your brand, visualise complex ideas or simply engage with your audience through illustration, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm available for spot illustrations, custom icons, editorial illustration, or custom design work (digital or print).

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